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His Beloved of Texas is a lay apostolate in Austin, TX. We put on Adoration, worship nights, and retreats at parishes across the Diocese. We have a great love for Jesus in the Eucharist and want to give people a chance to encounter His great love and sit at His feet. We also have two podcasts!  Check out our podcast page for more details. Come along and journey with us!

Our Ministry

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Kendra is a wife, speaker, coach, and mother of 6. Growing up Catholic, she was also deeply formed by her involvement with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and her protestant friends who beautifully lived out what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Because she wasn't rooted in the teachings and truth of the Church and the Eucharist, it was easy for her to leave the church in college.  Thankfully, through the intercession of Mama Mary, her parents prayed her Home.  Wanting to pour into the youth, she volunteered at her church and ended up marrying the youth minister!  They have been living a life of evangelization ever since. She has a love for teaching young girls about their worth and identity in Christ, and loves to share her love story that could only be written by God. Kendra is a chastity speaker and she shares how chastity and waiting for the man that God was preparing for her heart changed her life forever. This story has touched many young girls over the last two decades. Kendra gave this inspiring talk at the Thrive Chastity event for thousands of teens with chastity speaker Jason Evert. Kendra is also a High School volleyball coach. She was the founder of a women's group called Oasis and the retreat Mom's Turn.  To hear more of Kendra's story listen to Episode 2 of the His Beloved podcast. 

Kendra Bartlett

Megan is a Catholic convert, speaker, wife and mother of 4. She has a fire and passion for the Catholic Church that she loves to share with audiences. Megan feels a deep calling to invite Catholics into an encounter with Jesus and revival in the Catholic Church.  Fifteen years ago  Megan had a life changing conversion and deeply fell in love with Jesus and the Catholic Church. Since then, her life has been filled with children's, youth, and women's ministry. Megan is a former youth minister, Theology teacher, the founder of the Honduras mini-mission camp for kids, former content creator for Mobile Loaves and Fishes camp and Girls of Virtue. Megan has been speaking to groups for about 10 years, and in active speaking ministry since 2019 when the Lord called her to share the story of her daughter's healing. She has spoken at the Austin Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference, Revive: the Diocesan Middle School Rally and the Diocesan Young Adult Conference, mother's groups across Texas, youth ministries, women's retreats, to married couples and young adults. She is a story teller at heart and loves to use stories to draw people into the love of Jesus.  She deeply desires every person to know how immensely loved they are by God the Father. After falling in love with Jesus Megan experienced great suffering through illnesses in her family. She learned what it means to surrender in the pit of pain and trust that God is bigger and His love can walk us through the worst of times. Through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima Megan's daughter was healed and she learned to find joy even in the hardest of pain. To hear more of Megan's story listen to episodes 1 and 24 of the His Beloved podcast. 

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Megan Copeland


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Rachel McClellan

Rachel is a wife and mom of two very handsome boys, and is one of the funniest story-tellers your will ever meet. She is a project manager turned stay at home mom, and uses her project managing skills to keep us on track and in the right direction. When she moved next to Kendra and Megan, Rachel was far from the Lord and missing His closeness. Over the next four years, Mother Mary gently lead her to the heart of her Son and to the Catholic Church. She and her husband Nathan just joined the Catholic Church in March of this year! It is an amazing story that you need to hear. Rachel has an evangelistic zeal and often finds herself explaining her love for Jesus and the Catholic Church with friends and strangers. To hear more of Rachel's conversion story listen to episodes 33 and 67 of our podcast....and be ready to laugh....really really hard!

Book Us to Speak:

Kendra and Megan would love to speak at your next event!  To book one or both of them,  email us at and let's get it on the calendar!

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