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Draw Near

Awake My Soul

We gathered at St. John Vianney in Round Rock for an Advent mini-retreat. It was a night full of community, laughter and deep encounter with the Lord. Theresa Stephens, the Director of the Mercy of God prayer center closed out our podcast series "Find Your Fire" by inspiring all of us to step into the gifting that God  bestowed on us at baptism. 

Chosen Retreat for

Middle School Girls

Over 100 girls met together to hear from Megan and Kendra the message that they are seen, known, and loved by God, and how walking in their true identity as His beloved daughters will lead to living fully alive!  So many girls had a real encounter with the Lord for the very first time. 

"I now know that I am not fatherless and I have never been fatherless"

- A 6th grade participant

Set Free

By far our largest event, 175 women met together for dinner, prayer, worship, adoration, and messages by Kendra and Megan.  It was clear that they were hungry for His love and healing. With healing prayer teams and three priests for confession so many women laid down their burdens and shame and experienced true freedom that only comes from Him. 


"I have been going through a lot and struggling lately. Being able to take it all to the feet of Jesus and weep with Him was exactly what I needed. Thank you!"

O Come Let Us Adore Him

Women gathered to adore our Lord and prepare our hearts for Advent. Megan and Kendra spoke about waiting on the coming King and keeping our eyes fixed on Him during the busy season of Advent. As usual the highlight of the night was worshiping our Lord in Adoration. 

" I have never experienced adoration and the nearness of Jesus like that before. Thank you for tonight! It was the missing piece that my soul needed"

You Are Loved

with Mary Bielski & Danielle Noonan

Two our of favorite women who run hard after the Lord Mary Bielski and Danielle Noonan came in town for this worship and adoration night. The Holy Spirit filled that place and we were all drawn closer to Him. 


"Thank you for the women's night! It was such a precious gift! I was overwhelmed by a feeling of immense love in those precious details. I can't wait until the next one"

Be Loved

with Paul J. Kim

Paul J. Kim rocked the house with his beatboxing, rapping, and deep love for the Lord. The was our first event post-COVID the weekend of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit poured out on all of us. It was a night we will never forget. 

"I had the opportunity to go to the "Be Loved" event and I just wanted to thank you for hosting this event! I honestly didn't know what to expect when I showed up. I was in a rut in my faith because of the pandemic and honestly felt so alone. Seeing so many Catholics gathered together and having the opportunity for real talk about the faith was something truly special. I truly was able to see Christ working!"

Be Still 

Our second big event for His Beloved was an Adoration and worship night at St Vincent De Paul with Esther Caswell. Esther has given her life to the Lord and His service. She inspired the woman to surrender to Him. It was clear from this event that the woman of Austin were hungry for encounters with the Lord in the Eucharist. 

Book Launch Parties  


Kathryn Whitaker

Mary Lenaburg

Christy Wilkens

Women's Night of Worship

Our first ever His Beloved event with worship led by the amazing James Longoria at St. John Vianney in Round Rock. Megan told the story of learning to surrender her heart to the Lord when her daughter was sick. 

" Friday night was a gift. I felt treasured and doted on. The chalk board sign spoke to me as I walked up to a new place and I was greeted with a smile and warm welcome. My name tag reminded me that I AM His beloved. The meal, the music, the beautiful flowers, twinkle lights, the band...every detail thought out lovingly for ME."

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