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Join us for the His Beloved Catholic Podcast Advent series. Have you ever wondered how to have a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus? Or have you thought, "I know God speaks to other people, but I just don’t hear Him?" This journal walks you step by step through how to have a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus using the Holy names of Jesus from scripture. Episodes will be released twice a week during Advent with teaching and content related to each name of Jesus. This guide will have a daily devotional that you can follow along with on the days that we do not have episodes.  The journal can be purchased for just $10. A link to download the study will be sent to you immediately.  You can download and print it anywhere that you would like. Take it to an office store for binding if that is an easier way for you to use it. We are ready to Encounter Jesus this Advent with you! Click the photo to purchase.

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